July 11, 2010

Erica and Chris' Wedding Rehearsal

After the bridal luncheon, another bridesmaid and I went with our significant others to Hanging Rock!  It was a two mile hike, but the view up top was worth it.  Bridal party duties called and we had to book it back to the Steele Crest farmhouse for the wedding rehearsal.  Steele Crest, a former working tobacco farm, is now is a bed and breakfast in Sandy Ridge and is owned by Erica's relative.  It was the location of the wedding and reception so Alex and I decided to stay there for the weekend.  It was beautiful and a great place to spend our anniversary weekend as well :)  After the rehearsal we went to Autumn Creek Vineyards for the rehearsal dinner.  It was a tailgate themed party complete with shades of UNC blue and Florida orange!  Alex and I had a blast!!

Alex, Jared, and Elizabeth

Jared and Elizabeth on top of Sandy Ridge!

Sky high!

So close to the edge!!

Steele Crest

Autumn Creek Vineyards tailgate rehearsal dinner

Cups for the keg

Erica and Chris set up several tailgating games.  We played cornhole and red neck golf all night!

Me and Elizabeth with the bride

The gator groom's cake!

We were supposed to dress in the colors of the school we went to.  Alex wore his NC State tie and I wore a navy blue dress and some bright yellow four inch heels for Drexel!  The heels had to go after about two hours :)

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  1. Hi Laura & Alex,
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